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Frequently asked questions:

How to choose my size?

     You can take the size chart as reference.

What are the payment methods?

    Our accept terms of payment are Credit Card, Western Union,Moneygram,bank transfer and bank card.

About the credit card,VISA, MasterCard, JCB will be accepted as payment.

How do I know whether my payment is received or not?

You can check your order status to see whether your payment is confirmed by us, and the bank will send you a confirmation email to you once the payment go through.

Why was my credit card payment failed?

   There are many reasons for the failure as follows:

1.    The credit card hasn’t been authorized to pay internationally and you should contact your issuing bank for the solution.

2.    Each IP address is allowed to pay only once in a day. It means you can only pay one order in a day.

3.    The limit of the credit card is not enough

4.    Our credit-card system doesn’t accept the credit card, please try another card

5.    The billing address of the credit card is different from the address that you receive the order

6.    The information of the credit card that you input is wrong, such as the card number, CVC code and so on.

Why am I overcharged?

As we known, your bank might charge you International exchange rate and service charge. We actually charge you the price of your order.

When will the payment be confirmed after I pay through western union/MoneyGram?

      After you provide us transfer number(MTCN), sender's full name, total amount, your country and order number and our financial staff confirm the payment on the Internet or in the counter, your order will be confirm by us and begin to process.

My payment is failed, but I don’t want to use western union. Can I use PayPal?

Sorry we dont accept Paypal for now. Our accept terms of payment are Credit Card, Western Union, Moneygram, bank transfer and bank card.

About the credit card,VISA, MasterCard, JCB will be accepted as payment.

How does the wholesale price work?

     There is a chart about the wholesale price on the page of the product. The price reduce according to the increase of the amount.

How can I cancel my order which is already paid?

     Please contact our customer service.

How do I track my order?

     You can track your package on the tracking website with the tracking number.

When can I expect my order?

Before ships out we conduct Quality Control checks and testing in order to ensure the product's quality prior to shipment. Items without any customization will be shipped in 1-3 business days. Items with custom patches ,name or number need extra 1-3 business days. 15pcs per lot, each additional lot needs another 2-3 business days. Then we will hand over your package to the shipping company. Normally the transmit time of standard shipping takes 7-20 days, the transmit time of expedited shipping takes 4-10 days.

Is it free to ship to my country and how many days it will take?

What is the solution if the package is held by Customs?

    We will arrange to send you another package, or we can refund cash coupon to your Soccerdealshop account.

How do I personalize my shirt ?

    There is a Personalize button on the page of the jersey you choose.

What should I do if my package gets stuck somewhere after it is shipped?

Your package will not have any update until it arrives in the destination country. If the package doesnt get updated for 30 days, please contact us.

Is any of your merchandise restricted in my country?

Do you charge tax?

    We dont take any responsibility of paying the custom tax.

If I make some mistakes in my order, how can I correct them?

    If you havent check out the order, you can change it. If the order has checked out and the package havent shipped out, you can contact us to change it. Order has shipped out can not be change any more.

Can I place an order through email or phone?

Why do the website not let me buy several discounted jerseys?

Why do I need to pay more when I put one discounted shirt to my order?

About quality of our products.

     The jerseys,training shorts and jackets are made of polyester.

And sweaters and polo jerseys are made of cotton.

If the jerseys I got are with quality problems, can I demand reimbursement?

    Of course. Please contact the customer service. Our customer service will handle it for you.

Do you have all the items in stock? Can you make shirts for me?


I want to buy a bulk of shirts, but there is not enough stock.

     Please leave an email to us, we will inform you after we restock the shirts. Or contact our customer service.

If the shirt doesn’t fit me,can I exchange or return it?


What are the differences between player version and fan version?


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